Summer Reading Challenge

Today, Vicky from Tameside Libraries visited us to tell us all about the summer reading challenge.  We found out that the Animal Agents need us to help them crack the case.  Something strange has happened at the library – things have gone missing and graffiti has been left on the library wall.  There are four suspects… can you help the Animal Agents find out who has been up to no good?

To join in with the challenge, all you have to do is head to the library, sign up to receive a special agent collector folder, and then read six books (two at a time) over the holidays.  Collect stickers for each book you read – they will help you solve the case and catch the crook.  You will also receive a bookmark and a keyring too! At the end of the challenge you will be awarded with a medal and a special certificate which will be sent to school and presented in assembly.  We will also award you with a busy star.

The challenge has already started and it ends on 23rd September.  Can we be the top school in Tameside?  Which class will have the most certificates?  Don’t forget, the challenge is fun, it’s free and it’s local.

Visit the website to find out more


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