Bedtime Story – Friday 6th October

Hello and welcome back to our weekly Bedtime Story. We are spoiling you with two stories this week!

Pupils in the Book Council have read some poems:

Mrs Wilding-Young has read ‘Yertle The Turtle’ by Dr Seuss:


Enjoy and sleep tight!


On the the run up to Christmas, many people use calendars to count down the days until the 25th of December. This year, book council decided to do a book advent calendar for each year group from year 1 up to year 6. Book council (along with some year 6 elves) wrapped and tagged 24 books per year group so that each day children could open a brand new book on the countdown to Christmas!

Reading areas

As part of our whole school drive focussing on reading, each class was allocated a budget to decide how they would like to enhance their classroom reading environment. This was really exciting as we got the opportunity to decide on what we wanted in our own classrooms; we discussed it as a class then had to ensure we stuck to our budget which is where our maths skills really came in handy!  Have a look at some of the reading zone pictures below- let us know what you think!  Thank you to Book Council who took the photos.


Reading mornings

Thank you so much to everyone who attended our reading mornings last week; it was lovely to see so many enthusiastic adults (and children) raring and ready to read! The children really enjoyed learning about why we read and practical strategies over breakfast with you.

Don’t forget there is still time to enter our reading challenge – just take a picture of yourself/someone famous/a family member reading their favourite book to the reading email address.

Below are some of the pictures below from our recent reading breakfasts.

Goodnight Mr Tom pyjama party!

Book club have been reading Goodnight Mr Tom for the past half- term. The book has made us laugh and cry in equal measure and has really encouraged us to think about and discuss deeper issues such as love and loss. As we enjoyed the book so much, we couldn’t resist having a pyjama party (with popcorn of course) where we could watch the film adaptation. Although it is slightly different to the book, the film is still very emotional and a real classic! I think it is a book that many adults look back fondly upon and I hope that book club do the same when they are older…just not the pyjama bit! Watch this space for our next book club read. The book has won the Costa book of the year in 2015- can you guess?

Fletcher Moss visits school!

In year 6 today we were incredibly lucky as a ‘real life’ author came in to see us courtesy of the Portico library! The brilliant Fletcher Moss (aka Martin), who has written ‘The Poison Boy’ and ‘Lifers’, began the visit by talking to book club and discussing their shared passion for both reading and writing. Enid Blyton seemed to be a group favourite but lots of other titles came up which was lovely to see- variety is the spice of life! We then decided to show off our fantastic literacy skills by reading and sharing our favourite bits of writing from across the year; Martin was very impressed with our budding authors!


After book club, each class got to spend an hour with Martin. Everyone was so enthusiastic and really came away wanting to write…even the teachers! We discussed ‘the rules of storytelling’ and then played person, place, problem enabling us all to create exciting ideas to write about. The buzz in both classrooms was electric, if only every day could be as inspiring!

Have a look at our animoto to get a flavour of the afternoon.